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Warburg Micro Syndrome Treatment

Are there treatments for Warbug Micro Syndrome?

There is no cure for Warburg Micro (RAB18 associated Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia) or treatment for its underlying mechanism of action.  Managing symptoms can improve a person’s quality of life.


How might Warburg Micro Syndrome be treated some day?

Some investigational therapies for specific types of hereditary spastic paraplegia show promising results.
These interventions have been designed to address the specific mechanisms of action thought to cause the spasticity and include cholesterol lowering drugs, antioxidants, potassium channel blockers, HDAC6 inhibitors and others . 

While no drugs have been investigated yet to treat the underlying causes of Warburg Micro, it is though the pathways and mechanisms involved in some of the early onset hereditary spastic parapalegias overlap. If this is prove to be true, therapies for one type may also be useful to Warburg Micro.

You can read about the latest news in hereditary spastic paraplegia therapeutics in our research update here. 

To help scientists make new discoveries that could lead to treatment, join the Natural History Study and patient registry.

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Last Updated: June 22nd, 2022

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