2022 Warburg Micro Research Foundation

Quarter One:

  •  Launch the patient registry in cooperation with CoRDs at Sanford Connect
  •  Patient registry recruitment campaign
  •  Launch Warburgmicro.org with resources for families to include:  
               Registry FAQ, What is WMS, Roadmap to a Cure, Research News,  Patient Stories Blog
  • Begin publishing a quarterly newsletter to connect with patient families

Quarter Two:

  • Contact specialists and scientists to inform them about the registry,  foundation,  and newsletter, and to understand more about disease mechanisms.
  • Build relationships and recruit for the Scientific Advisory Board  which will advise on scientific priorities.
  • Establish Scientific Advisory Policies & Procedures
  • Meet with precision medicine community to understand options and requirements

Quarter Three:

  • Follow up on 5013(c) paperwork and any remaining documents
  • Take required steps to begin collecting tax deductible donations via warburgmicro.org or gofundme
  • Brainstorm fundraising initiatives with stakeholders
  • Identify and implement online marketing strategies to bring attention to our resources and mission

Quarter Four

  •  Implement fundraising activities
  • Meet with advisory board and stakeholders to formulate research objectives for 2023