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Warburg Micro Syndrome Genetic Testing

Free Genetic Testing


Free genetic testing for Warburg Micro Syndrome related genes (and other eye anomaly causing genes) is available. 

Who is eligible?

There are two studies currently recruiting:

People with eye disorders, including cataract, are eligible for free testing via Semina Labs

Enrollment and testing can be done through the mail from the comfort of your own home. 

All children who have Warburg Micro Syndrome also have congenital cataract, so they would be eligible.

Participants must be in the United States. Results must be sent to a clinician who can confirm diagnosis.

People with early onset spasticity are eligible for testing through Boston Childrens.

Who do I contact

Linda Reis, study coordinator.
(414) 955-7645 
Semina Labs

Catherine Jordan, BA, MA
Boston Childrens

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